The Phuza Wize campaign has been launched with 10 participating communities. Over time, and with your help, our initiatives will extend throughout all of South Africa.

So who is already involved with Drink Safe. Live safe? And why were they chosen?

Each of the communities were researched to ascertain information including:

  • Demographics
  • State of crime
  • SAPS capacity to handle crime
  • Health status of the community
  • Existing community programmes
  • Liquor outlets
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Unemployment rate
  • Education state

Kicking off on 5 June we will welcome Mbekweni, Paarl, as our first Phuza Wize community. Over the next year we will broaden this to include all 10 communities.

Each of our communities will benefit from:

  • Advocacy training
  • Community mapping training
  • HIV training
  • Phuza Wize Server/owner training

We will also look at various other initiatives that will assist the community in developing itself.

Perhaps you’d like to get to know each of our communities a little better?

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