Hands On Parenting (HOP)

The Hands-on Parenting programme is another initiative of the Soul City Institute that seeks to equip parents with improved knowledge and skills of caregiving, imparting feminist parenting strategies that are non- violent, positive, non-sexist, thus increasing the parent’s participation in their children’s education and wellbeing.

The HOP programme seeks to empower parents with skills to tackle issues such as HIV, unplanned pregnancies as well as Sexual and Reproductive Health in general. HOP aims to enhance protective parenting practices that are associated with reduced sexual risk and promotes parent-child communication about sexuality and sexual risk reduction and provides a nurturing environment especially for girls and young women.

What parents learn

HOP focuses on parents as individuals, their behaviours and things that affect how children behave. Participants are encouraged to learn new skills to help children grow, develop and reach their potential.

The HOP course helps parents to reflect on their skills and areas that need improvement. Understanding the children’s behaviours and analysing how their feelings affect their behaviours is an area of emphasis. Interactive learning through role plays is done in tackling issues like how parents can shape their children by building their self-esteem. It includes relevant topics such as how children grow and develop. Problem solving and sexuality issues are also tackled. Helping parents and their children to be active citizens through learning about alcohol abuse and preventing violence is prioritized. Child abuse and services that are available for social assistance are also discussed.

Communication styles and how they affect children are discussed and role played. Building families through values that parents live by and values they want to teach their children is highlighted. 

Although the course was developed for parents, it is also useful for anyone who is involved in caring for children or is concerned with supporting their growth and development.

Soul City has partnered with Parent Centre, FAMSA, other organisations and individuals who helped produce the content.

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