Participating Communities

Five disadvantaged communities across South Africa participated in the first phase of Kwanda from 2009.

These are Kwakwatsi in the Free State, Pefferville in the Eastern Cape, Tjakastaad in Mpumalanga, Lephaphane in Limpopo and uMthwalume in KwaZulu-Natal.

Fifty volunteers from each community kicked off the work by attending a 4 week-long learning camp in Rustenberg. Here they learnt about building and managing community organisations through a combination of lectures and actual work i.e. learning by doing. After the camp they undertook a number of activities to address the development priorities in their respective communities.

Their interaction with the programme and its training tools, their start up projects aimed to do good in their communities, their challenges and successes were shared with over a million South Africans. Feedback from viewers indicated that many were motivated to take action in their own communities.

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