HIV Myths & Facts

Myths Facts

All sex workers have the HIV virus

Sex workers like everyone else will be infected with HIV should they have unprotected sex.

You can easily tell by looking at someone that they have HIV

It’s very hard for people to know if they or someone else has HIV without being properly tested, very often there are no visible signs

HIV infects poor people

Rich, poor, old, young, black or white HIV will infect you should you have unsafe sex.

HIV is transmitted through insect bites, toilet seats, kissing, hugging, touching and sharing utensils

HIV is transmitted through blood, semen and other bodily fluids including breast milk.

HIV + people cannot safely have children

PMTCT program helps people to have HIV negative children

HIV is a death sentence

With proper treatment, we now expect people with HIV to live a normal life span.

HIV always leads to AIDS

Although HIV/AIDS has no cure, it can be treated. A person living with HIV/AIDS can now continue to live a strong and productive life for many years.

If you test negative for HIV, you can have unprotected sex

Having sex with no protection will expose you to HIV infection.

If both partners have HIV, there’s no reason for a condom

There are different strains of HIV. If a condom is not used during sexual contact, HIV-infected partners may exchange different types or strains of HIV. This can lead to re-infection, which will make the treatment of HIV infection more difficult.

An HIV-positive person who receives antiretroviral treatment will not spread the virus.

Antiretroviral therapy can reduce the amount of HIV in the body. However, HIV remains in the body and can be transmitted to others.


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