Soul City Institute for Social Justice with other civil society organisations are embarking on a campaign that seeks to create a safe public transportation system for women.

The campaign was brought about by the recent spate of rape cases in and around Johannesburg and Soweto areas. This campaign is aimed at coming up with strategies and a safety charter to make public transport safe for women. It is also aimed at highlighting the scourge of gender based violence in the country and the unsafe environments women are exposed to. The campaign will further indicate the need for access to effective services for sexual assault survivors. Women need to know what to do and where to go after sexual assault; and the services need to be women friendly.

Goal of the Campaign

Create safe Public Transport for women

Campaign Objectives

  • To ensure that the National Safe Taxis Charter is developed by mid-June 2017.
  • To lobby for the regulation of the Taxi Industry to ensure safety for women commuters.
  • To ensure public officials are held accountable for secondary victimisation of survivors starting with the release of the report on the recent taxi rape by Department of Community Safety.
  • Create awareness on women's vulnerabilities (i.e rape and sexual harassment) in accessing public transport and mobilise support for the campaign

Press Coverage

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