Expression of Interest (EOI) for Writer, Editor/Curator for FLAC Magazine by Soul City Institute for Social Justice

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Writer, Editor/Curator for FLAC Magazine by Soul City Institute for Social Justice

Deadline for Submission: 24 May 2024
Expression of Interest (EOI) for Writer, Editor/Curator for FLAC Magazine by Soul City Institute for Social Justice

1. Introduction

Soul City Institute for Social Justice is seeking expressions of interest from qualified individuals or firms for writer and editor curator services for FLAC Magazine, which focuses on feminist leadership and activism. We aim to engage professionals who can create and curate high-quality content that aligns with our mission to promote social justice and gender equality. This role involves writing original content, editing submissions, and curating relevant materials for publication.

2. Scope of Work

The writer and editor/curator will be responsible for the following tasks:

Content Creation:

  • Write original articles, interviews, and reports on topics related to feminist leadership, activism, and social justice.

  • Develop compelling narratives that align with FLAC Magazine’s editorial guidelines and feminist principles.

Content Curation:

  • Conduct thorough research to identify trending topics and key issues relevant to our audience.

  • Source articles, interviews, reports, and multimedia content from reputable and diverse sources.

Editing and Proofreading:

  • Review and edit all submitted content for clarity, coherence, grammar, and style.

  • Provide feedback to contributors and request revisions if necessary.

  • Perform final proofreading to ensure the magazine is error-free and polished.

Coordination with Contributors:

  • Communicate with writers and contributors to provide guidance and ensure timely submission of content.

  • Ensure a diverse and balanced representation of voices and perspectives.

Collaboration with Editorial Team:

  • Work closely with the FLAC Magazine editorial team to finalize content selections.

  • Attend regular meetings to discuss editorial strategy, themes, and progress.

3. Deliverables

Original articles, interviews, and reports for each edition.

Curated content that complements the original writing.

Edited and polished content ready for publication.

A final proofread version of the magazine.

A summary report of the writing and editing process, including any significant changes made and challenges encountered.

4. Submission Requirements

Interested providers should submit an expression of interest that includes:

  • Name, address, and contact details.

  • Brief overview of relevant experience and qualifications.

  • Sample Work (Examples of previous writing and editing work, preferably for similar publications focused on social justice or feminist issues

  • Qualifications of key team members involved in the project, if applicable.


Indicative pricing structure for writing, editing, and curating services.

Any additional costs if applicable.


At least three references from previous clients or employers.

5. Evaluation Criteria

Expressions of interest will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Relevance and quality of previous work

  • Approach and methodology (35%)

  • Alignment with feminist and social justice principles (25)%)

  • Qualifications and experience (15%)

  • Indicative pricing (20%)

  • References (5%)

6. Contact Information:

Submissions and any queries should be directed to:

Pontsho Pilane
Communications and Advocacy Manager

7. Additional Information:

For further inquiries, please contact to Pontsho Pilane (

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