Women's Day event in North West

Dr Ruth S Mompati District Municipality held a Women’s Day Event 26 August 2015 at the Vryburg Banquet Hall. The auspicious occasion was opened in prayer and a moment of silence on HIV Reflection. The event’s main focus and theme was on HCT, Cancer Screening, Motivational and Health Talks.

Rea-Agana Young Women’s Club and The Ark Young Women’s Club were among the invited guests that were given the opportunity to be addressed and educated on organisation such as SEDA and how they can benefit as women. SEDA explored the categories of companies women could run, mainly focusing on Co-operatives and how they operate.

The Department of Health delivered a talk on Cervical Cancer Screening, Birth Control and the different options that clinics have today and HIV testing. The department also brought along a team for a pop up clinic during the event, where women were encouraged to do HIV Testing, TB Screening, Pap Smears and many other services.

Department of Education were there to deliver a talk on the importance of an educated woman and the doors it may open for one; highlighting different bursaries available within the structure. This was also to motivate the young women that were there to be steadfast on their studies.

The day was filled with learning and opportunity for the Rise Young Women’s to form partnerships to mobilise these teachings in their community.

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