Virtual Launch: It’s A Feminist Thing - Soul City Institute Presents SA’s First Unapologetically Feminist Talk-Show

Virtual Launch: It’s A Feminist Thing - Soul City Institute Presents SA’s First Unapologetically Feminist Talk-Show

South Africa’s first unapologetically feminist talk-show - produced by the Soul City Institute for Social Justice (SCI) - will hit TV screens during early prime on Sunday 1st November 2020 on SABC 2.
Virtual Launch: It’s A Feminist Thing - Soul City Institute Presents SA’s First Unapologetically Feminist Talk-Show

It’s A Feminist Thing is an 8-part, uniquely South African talk-show, that captures the zeitgeist of the contemporary South African women’s movement – a feminist movement which has patriarchy squarely in its sights.

The talk-show explores relationships between women, gives real expression to the ways that women love, support and empower each other, and shows patriarchy’s divisive and destructive power.

The SCI has partnered with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC 2 & SABC Education) and the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) in this fearless talk-show that explores violence against women through an intergenerational perspective, and that engages with ‘patriarchy’ - not as theory, but as lived reality.

120220-5.jpg“The partnership with the AWDF and the SABC has enabled SCI to produce a phenomenal, one-of-its-kind, unapologetically feminist show,“ says Ms Phinah Kodisang, CEO of SCI.

“I’m proud to be a leader of an organisation that continues to remain relevant and does ground-breaking work that influences and shapes the lives of millions of children, adults and communities within South Africa and the continent. I look forward to conversations that will be sparked by It’s A Feminist Thing.”

The SCI is proud to partner with SABC2, a channel well positioned to capture the hearts and attention of youth and family viewership, which is a trailblazer in delivering resonant, relevant and solid content that leads to conversations and debates.

"I hope It’s A Feminist Thing will go some way to inform and educate South Africans, particularly men, who are the main perpetrators. Families, friends and the general public also have a responsibility to make this kind of violence totally unacceptable,” says Ms Jacqui Hlongwane, Programme Manager, SABC 2.

It’s A Feminist Thing is inspired by women’s rage and the spontaneous uprising of young women galvanised into action by the low-grade civil war being waged on the bodies of women, girls and gender-non-conforming people. The show was catalysed by the feminist revolution that took shape as the #TheTotalShutdown, the #SandtonShutdown, and in the protests of women who took to the streets after a 19-year-old University of Cape Town student was tortured, raped and murdered in a post-office on the 24th of August 2019.

It’s A Feminist Thing is hosted by Phinah Kodisang, veteran broadcaster Kgomotso Matsunyane, Thando Gumede and Nyiko Shikwambane - an intergenerational group of fiery intersectional feminists who tackle old and deeply-rooted systems of power that cut across custom, class, culture, politics, and religion.

120220-6.jpg“There’s nothing quite like it on TV, and we hope that the audience will engage with the issues in a meaningful way that will enable us to find lasting solutions that will make a difference in the ordinary lives of South African women.

We intend to spark conversations and hope families will watch the show together and take the conversation further in their own homes,” says Ms Matsunyane.

South Africa’s scourge of femicide and gender-based violence will not shift unless every individual and sector of society plays their part. This is our collective responsibility.

The SCI believes that media significantly influences social norms and that addressing the norms, behaviours, and dominant notions about masculinity and aggression driving the epidemic of violence against women and girls.

Eight gritty, high-value, thought-provoking public service announcements (PSAs), produced by StoryBoard Productions under the leadership of Pelisa Norman, are a critical component of It’s A Feminist Thing talk-show.

Each 1-minute film - exploring rape, domestic violence, patriarchy, religion, and custom, among others - in a hard-hitting and provocative manner, will get aired at the beginning and end of each episode.

The SCI – a recognised local and international leader in social and behaviour change communications (SBCC) – has endeavoured to produce a talk-show that makes a positive contribution to the feminist movement in South Africa, without perpetuating and reinforcing a negative status quo.

It’s A Feminist Thing deals with the complex issues driving violence in a positive way that raises debate and challenges audiences to rethink harmful and deep-seated attitudes and beliefs.

SCI believes that gender equality is the tide that lifts all boats. We will achieve justice when we confront deeply-rooted narratives that prop up patriarchy and drive violence.


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