Soul City Series 4 airs in Nigeria

African countries experience similar social challenges. Soul City TV drama series 4, which focuses on gender based violence, is currently on air in three states in Nigeria, namely Lagos, Edo and Abuja.

Through the Pop Culture with a Purpose project, led by Oxfam Novib and funded by UNTF and ZONTA, Soul City Institute  has partnered with three local NGOs, namely Girls Power Initiative , Baobab and APYIN to launch a social and behaviour change communication campaign that addresses gender based violence.

The Soul City edutainment TV drama series was aired in South Africa more than 10 years ago and received much acclaim both in South Africa and internationally for impacting on this key gender issue.   Prior to the flighting in Nigeria, a rigorous formative research processes was undertaken to ensure that the Soul City series resonated with local audiences.

To complement the TV drama intervention,  the local partners have developed, with technical support from Soul City, a local TV talkshow to ensure the relevance of the messages to local audiences.   A community mobilisation  intervention is being implemented simultaneously to strengthen the impact of the campaign.

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