Soul City Institute’s CEO Phinah Kodisang wins award at the African Women Summit

This accolade recognises her outstanding career and commitment to improving and advocating for the girls and women’s rights with a focus on social justice in South Africa.

Soul City Institute CEO, Phinah Kodisang, has been awarded the prestigious Justice Award at the 2022 African Women Summit, that took place in Kigali. The African Women Summit, hosted by the Coalition of Women in Africa for Peace and Development (COWAP), is an annual convening that brings together women across the continent including policymakers and women rights advocates to brainstorm ideas and launch initiatives to create sustainable peace in the continent. Ms Kodisang was recognised for her lifelong’s work in fighting for justice for survivors of gender-based violence and femicide.

Ms Kodisang is a self-identifying feminist whose work at the Soul City Institute enables her to continue raising awareness on issues facing women and young girls and to advocate that those in positions of power be held accountable for their role in addressing these issues.

“On the 13th of May, a day after my birthday, I received this award which is a testament to the work we do as the Institute is significant only creating awareness but we also calling for accountability,” she said.

Ms Kodisang appreciates and acknowledges every Soul City Institute staff member for their dedication to making the organisation one of the best in Africa.

Being recognised and appreciated for doing this work means a lot, it means our footprint goes beyond the borders of South Africa. We are reaching women across the continent and the globe. Asante!”

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