Soul City Institute presents Safetipin audits

On the 1st of October 2021, the Strategic and Integration department hosted a Safetipin workshop in Durban in collaboration with the eThekwini Municipality, where the results of the Safetipin audits were presented.

Kwandengezi, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu were selected for the audits because of their concern for the safety of women and children.

Key Findings

  • In terms of infrastructure, audits have revealed that in Kwandengezi in Izwempofu 100, there are no streetlights and no designated taxi ranks.
  • The clinic is 20 percent safer for women and children than the nearest hospital.
  • There are numerous potholes, bus stops are not clearly marked, and there are no streetlights.
  • The railway station in ePitoli is not a secure location.
  • There is little in the way of law enforcement.
  • There are no shelters at the taxi rank for long-distance travelers, and there is no place for drivers to rest and rehydrate between trips.
  • Children are being sent to school on their own, and there is no safe place for them to wait while their parents drive them there.
  • Because of the closure of schools, the buildings are now being used as a meeting place for gangs, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Illegal dumping is taking place.
  • There are no designated locations where harassment can be reported.
  • Parks are a hotspot for harassment, and exit routes are particularly hazardous.

As a result of the discussions, the following initiatives for women's and children's safety were launched:

Although a group of young men would accompany those who travelled in the early morning hours, Siyabaphelezela did not receive much support from the community.

  • Members of the CPF do not receive adequate support, and they do not have adequate resources, which demoralizes those who wish to participate.
  • Because the anti-drug community has lost faith in the SAPS, they rely on the ward committee for guidance.

Considering everything that has been discussed, it is possible to effect change by:

  • increasing police visibility.
  • If it is possible to have a morning patrol.

In parks and open spaces, it would be great if there was grass cutting.

  • The SAPS may decide to recruit young people and provide them with a stipend.
  • With open spaces, if there is something useful that can empower the youth, it should be included.
  • Resurrect all the movements that have failed and devise strategies for making them succeed.

Change can only come when people work together instead of expecting that everything must be done by the government after all safety is my responsibility and our responsibility.

By Elaine Manala

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