Soul City Institute is part of the 2022 DG Murray Trust’s Amplify, Mobilise, Change programme

At Soul City Institute, was offered a spot in the DG Murray Trust's Amplify | Mobilize | Change Communication programme. This is an opportunity to expand and strengthen our online communication methods and practices to increase operational efficiency and advance our social change objectives. This course runs from May to November 2022 and is completely free. The DG Murray Trust covers all programme expenditures.

Regarding the Program

The course is entirely online. This will make our educational experience more adaptable to our environment. "This is a dynamic learning environment that is tailored to the sector's strategic and operational needs, as well as the participants' availability," explains the DG Murray Trust's

What benefit will Soul City Institute derive from this?

Their educational materials, practical sessions, and assignments will assist us in planning and integrating your online communication activities into your organization's framework, in discovering how to connect with audiences, designing content with purpose, and efficiently publishing and promoting content using digital and online tools. We draw on best practices in online platform development and publication, as well as on concepts and techniques common to our sector, such as social research and theory of change.


Learn more about the programme here:

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