Soul City / Clem Sunter Business Breakfast

Soul City Institute partner with Quality Life to bring for a Clem Sunter Business Breakfast in support of our Act for Children (AFC) programme.

Soul City Institute participated in the Clem Sunter Business Breakfast which was held on the 26 May 2015 attended by 300 guests from various corporates. Our CEO gave a 5 minutes presentation on AFC and we flighted the AFC fundraising video to showcase the good work that the programme is doing. Clem Sunter was auctioned to corporates and Servest won the bid at R25 000, 00. We also received a donation from another company for R21 000, 00. All proceed will go to AFC in ensuring that we continue to match projects who apply for a matching fund from the programme for upliftment projects that benefits children.

An exhibition was also held at the event and this provided an opportunity for us to interact and network with all the guests.

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