Soul Buddyz "Money Matters"

Soul City Head Office delivered “Money Matters” magazine to all Soul Buddy Clubs during August 2015. The aim of the material is to enhance club members knowledge and skills regarding all money issues for example: how to save, budgets, the value of money, etc.

The funder of the magazine – ABSA Bloemfontein, send Mrs Nomhle Klaas as a representative to visit the Sunshine and Shining Star Soul Buddyz clubs at Matla Primary School on Tuesday, 8th September 2015 in order to have a short discussion with the Soul Buddyz Club members regarding the content of the magazine.

Club members were very active. A number of the members talked about how they would like to save in future. Others learned that saving must not only happen in the club, but at home as well. Some club members interviewed their grandparents as one of the assignments in the material and came to the realisation that if something is really important to you, you must rather save for it even if it takes you 2 years instead of buying on credit.

The funder was pleased with the levels of insight and interaction the Buddyz showed.

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