Social justice heavyweight Zane Dangor joins Soul City

Social justice heavyweight Zane Dangor joins Soul City

I am proud to announce that Zane Dangor has joined Soul City as the Chief Operations Officer. He joins the organisation at a time of exciting change and renewal.
Social justice heavyweight Zane Dangor joins Soul City

Renowned for his fierce commitment to social justice for all, as well as his policy development skills, Dangor will be taking a leading role in crafting and delivering a new and broader vision for social justice at Soul City, as well as bringing bold, tried and tested leadership to the organization.

He will lead the process of consolidating the organization’s repositioning to rise to South Africa’s deepest social justice challenges. These include safeguarding women’s and children’s rights to ensure their right to bodily autonomy and integrity, their right to quality education, healthcare and all other social services they may require.

As the former director-general of the National Department of Social Development, Dangor has been at the forefront of the formulation and delivery of the government’s social development programmes for nearly two decades.

In one of the world’s most unequal societies with deeply ingrained patterns of misogyny and domestic violence against women and children, Dangor has fearlessly navigated government bureaucracy and the corridors of power to provide evidence-based solutions. Prior to his appointment as the D-G, Dangor was the special adviser to the minister for social development drawing on his legal expertise and advocacy work.

Dangors’ comments on his decision to join the NGO are as follows:

"I have joined Soul City because of the organization’s track record over a quarter of a century to deliver frontline support to women and girls to reach their full potential and protect their constitutional right to dignity.

However, as a society we dare not linger for a moment. I look forward to leading the organisational restructuring and to ensuring that our communications strategy and policy agenda remains fresh and relevant. We must stir the hearts and souls of all the individuals and communities Soul City reaches.

Patriarchal attitudes remain deeply entrenched in our society. Until the very last girl child in the remotest homestead is freed from the shackles that prevent her from accessing ALL the instalments of freedom promised in the bill of rights, our work is not done."

Zane also continues to be in the national spotlight for his ongoing testimony at the Constitutional Court-mandated inquiry into the social grants payments debacle. This has encompassed corruption and state capture.

by Lebo Ramafoko - CEO of Soul City

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