RYWC from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape embarked on a “Back-to-School campaign on 12th February 2016

On the 12 February 2016, four clubs from three different schools came together to host a back to school campaign to encourage young girls to focus on their studies this year (2016). More than 300 young people attended the event.

The event took place at Mayibenye Senior Secondary School which in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape. Correctional Service brought with them a prisoner convicted of rape to talk to young boys present about respecting women in general. Mr Somi speech was well received by young boys. Department of Health on the other side focused specifically on Teenage Pregnancy, highlighting the dangers of falling pregnant on an early age. Ms Kutala Cingo from the Department of Education made reference to early sexual debut as the main cause of high rate of HIV and Teenage Pregnancy. She linked this to peer pressure.

Mr Houge Msiya from the local Municipality concluded the talk by giving young girls a word of encouragement. He also committed to helping the young girls with subject related matters this year. He also gave this quote at the end of his speech “You have to learn at least one thing about many thing than to know many things about one thing”. Club members gave outstanding drama and poetry performance to encourage fellow girls. “Your future is so bright than Amstel light – Ubuhle be Zulu” quote from Nzwakazi.

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