Rise Young Womens Clubs forming partnerships

Rustenburg Nedbank/Heartlines Values and Money campaign

Brilliant Stars and P.J Young Rise Young Womens Clubs in the North West mobilised 19 young women to receive training on how to train communities on Values and Money; a campaign run by Heartlines, sponsored by Nedbank.

The young women organised that Heartlines give a talk on money at Olefile Secondary School during assembly before their “TRAIN THE TRAINER”workshop at the EDSC centre in Pitsedisulejang. There was a group of young women that were mobilised by  the 2 RYW Clubs that were part of an afternoon session. The sessions cover 6 modules, namely; VALUES & MONEY, HONESTY IN EARNING, RESPONSIBILITY IN SPENDING, WISDOM IN BORROWING, SELF-CONTROL IN SAVING AND GENEROSITY IN GIVING.

The course is designed to be interactive and provide opportunities for group discussion and to encourage personal reflection on our values, attitudes and behaviours regarding money and also to give practical suggestions on how to deal with our money problems. There is a showcase of clips from the film, “NOTHING FOR MAHALA” and discussions that the groups have regarding the film clips and unpacking the relevance of those clips to real life.

This is a campaign that we would like to see all our clubs in the North West participate in, as it proved to be winner in the Pitsedisulejang community.

Our trained RYWC members are set to train other clubs in their community and surrounding areas for them to carry out training sessions in their respective communities. Our clubs plan to start sessions in their communities over 6 weeks, where they will alternate as clubs to cover one module per day for an hour and a half per session.

Community members are excited and looking forward to being a part sessions run by young women who are making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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