Rise Young Women’s Clubs 16 Days of Activism Campaign: lhohonolofatso RYWC (QwaQwa, Free State)

Tlonolofatso RYWC marched from a place called “The Snake Park” in QwaQwa to Tharollo school where the 16 Days of Activism event with the focus “When I see something that is not Ok I will say - It not #OK” was held.

The event took place on Saturday, 28 November as an attempt to encourage the community to stop the abuse of violence against women and children.

The club invited the following stakeholders/guest speakers:

  • Department of Social Development;
  • SAPS;
  • Pastors;
  • Various Youth Clubs in the area;

The club also received donation for sanitary pads from Shoprite, SAPS and DSD which they were distributing to young women living in the area during the event.

A parent of a child who was raped earlier in the year was given a chance to testify how the rape influenced not only her child but also affected the family as a whole. She pleaded with the audience to support rape victims and for every one to do their part to help stop rape in our country as far as possible.

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