Rise Young Women’s Clubs 16 Days of Activism Campaign: Cedarville (Eastern Cape)

Cedarville is a small town between the borders of KZN and Lesotho with a population of 4412. It is categorised mainly by farms. Some of the main challenges in this area includes high rate of HIV, teenage pregnancy and Alcohol abuse.
On the 25 November 2015, Khanyisa THIAC in Zion Young Women’s club led by Sinethemba Nama as a chairperson brought together community leaders, parents, young people and different organisation to make the beginning of 16 Days of activism against women and children abuse. The event took place at Cedarville town Hall and more than 500 people attended the event. One of the highlight of the event was seeing the involvement of the club members’ parents. “If we cannot receive support from our own parents, it will be imposable for us to succeed. I don’t expect someone’s parent to support me if I cannot convince my parents to support this movement”, said Sinethemba Nama. The event was described as one of its kind in Cedarville by stakeholders as the only event they had this year was an imbizo organised by the ECAC.

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