Rise Young Women’s Club joining hands at Health Awareness Fun Walk - Bloemfontein

The two RoC RYW clubs from Heidedal suburb in Bloemfontein decided to take hands with Aurora Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Bloemfontein and participated in the Health Awareness Fun Walk which took place at the local Zoo in Bloemfontein, today (26/09/2015) as from 9h30 – 12h00.

Families from all over Bloemfontein participated in the event.

An American Zoo tour guide briefed the participants about the different animals in the zoo and the animals habitation nature.

The money raised during this event will all go for the Aurora Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Youth Centre. Aurora is a NGO that is dependent on fundraising in order to render a service to the community.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a topic which the 2 ROC Rise Clubs take very serious since Heidedal has been considered for the past two decades as one of the places with the highest concentration of dangerous drugs such as dagga, khat, crack cocaine and mandrax in Bloemfontein leading to severe social problems in the Heidedal Community.

All participants received medallions for their participation.

Our RoC girls eagerly participated in the Zumba Health Dance which took part after the fun walk and were able to answer the majority of the Fun Quiz about Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and alcohol and drug abuse dangers.

Maria Williams , who act as a mentor for the Club assisted the club with all the arrangements and the ROC foundation fundraising in order to cover the Rise members entrance fee money in order for the club to participate in the day.

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