Rise young women from Hibiscus local municipality in KZN engaging with older women commemorating Women’s Day

On the 29th August 2015 a Women’s Day event was held at Hibiscus Coast organized by the Whoza Rise Young Woman’s Club under the sterling stewardship of the energetic Chairperson Nokulunga Ngeleka.

The main objective of the event was to open a dialogue between older and younger women discussing the reasons for the communication breakdown between mothers and daughters.

Not only did they have excellent discussions ably facilitated by two Social workers but there was also a lot of fun and games between the young and the old. A motivational speaker was also present who shared information on how to communicate with parents at puberty stage. Other guests at the event were pastors and young ladies from the local LoveLife Branch.

The day ended off with the exchange of gifts whom the club fundraised by themselves.

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