Rise Clubs North West focussing HIV and Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

On Saturday, 12 December 2015; Successful Dreamers, Young Stars Social Club, Young Stars, Hashtag Reality Young and Sisterhood Young Women’s Clubs, hosted an event focusing on the awareness of HIV and Teenage Pregnancy Prevention.

The five clubs collaborated with nurses from their local Reproductive Centre at Odi Hospital in Klipgat, to address the community of Sofasonke, on ways to prevent HIV and also Teenage Pregnancy.

RISE YOUNG WOMEN’S Club members, Eva Mathebula and Palesa Tshabalala graced the audience with a poem on what it means to be a young woman and being proud.

The event was a success and was attended by 125 community members at Makanyaneng Middle School. The event was also used as a platform to introduce RISE to the community through a speech made by one of the members of Success Dreamers Young Women’s Club.

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