Rise Clubs from Dimbaza commemorates World AIDS Day

On the 1st of December 2015, 4 x Rise Young Women’s Clubs from the Dimbaza area near King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape came together to host an event to mark World AIDS Day (WAD). Clubs involved were Dream Bells, Bottom Liners, New Generation and Sisters of Strength Rise Young Women’s Clubs.

The clubs took a unique approach to commemorate this important day. They were aware that the 1st of December herald the start of the festive season in South Africa. The festive season is marked by excessive usage of alcohol by young people and a lot of partying. They are aware that this combination could lead to young women contracting HIV, being raped and falling into the trap of drugs. The event therefore was aimed at promoting a responsible festive season. The clubs also wanted to show their support to community memebers infetcted and affected by HIV and AIDS.

This was done through a showcasing of drama, poetry and song. The speakers at the event comprised of representatives from Buffalo City Municipality, who also sponsored the venue and the catering for the event, Department of Health who brough HIV testing services , Never Give Up and Steve Biko, which are local CBOs.

Risers wish you a responsible festive season!!!

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