Rise Clubs from Amalinda in East London doing their bit during 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children

Hashtag Gals Rise Young Women’s Club from an informal settlement near in Amalinda, East London stood up for 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse.

On the 28th of November 2015, they held a successful event in their community. They titled the event as Risers’ Days of Activism. They invited the police to talk to the community about abuse. The police gave a detailed presentation on what is abuse, what does the law say and how to report it. They encouraged the community to break down the walls of silence on women and child abuse. The police also touched on an identified drug problem in the community.

They also encouraged the rise members on the path that they have taken because they identified some of the clubs members of bad conduct while drunk. The most important guests for the event were the parents. In a dialogue, they called on Soul City to help with the escalating problem of drug and alcohol abuse particularly with 14 and 15 year olds in the community.  We also had representation from the ward council committee. They were very happy to be a part of the event and asked Rise members to take part in their weekly community meetings so that they can contribute to the programmes by the council.

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