RISE Clubs commemorating World AIDS Day in Viljoenskroon, Free State

On the 01 of Dec 2015 four Rise Clubs (Bvm, Cool Divas, Beauty by Nature and Star Girls) participated in a World Aids Day programme organised by the ANC.

All NGO’s present at the event (of which Rise was one) were playing soccer and netball against one another in order to promote a Healthy Lifestyle at Belemond Recreational Park, at Rammolutsi, Viljoenskroon on the 01 of December 2015.

Except for the soccer and netball matches and the aerobics, the audience was also been entertained by  various dances, music and drums and singing.

Hospice educated the audience about HIV and teenage pregnancy.

The local councillor and the municipality made use of the opportunity to address the people about responsible water usage, especially with the draught the country is currently facing.

Partners involved in organizing the World Aids Day event were:

  • Rise Young Women’s Club
  • Hospice
  • Women’s Club
  • Retired Civil Servants
  • Pax Clinic
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Mentorship with Impact

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