Rise Clubs at Reed Dance KwaZulu Natal 6 - 8 September 2015

This annual ceremony, known as the Zulu Reed Dance, is a centuries-old tradition. It takes place in September, right at the start of spring, at the eNyokeni Palace in Nongoma, Zululand.

Girls from all over the country arrive in the area for the traditional Zulu festivities. These are spread over several days and represent an important rite of passage for the young women.

Many of the Club members participated in this event celebrating young women who made a pledge to delay sexual debut in order to help fight the scourge of HIV/AIDS. The Rise Young Women’s Clubs in KZN after having discussed their participation in this event agreed to attend and to promote their clubs. They hosted an exhibition stand which was visited by quite a large number of other young women and distributed Rise materials.

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