Rise Club forming partnerships

Unity Ladies Rise Young Womens Club in Makouspan, North West formed a partnership with their local clinic. Club members started assisting nurses in the clinic with Health talks. The talks will take place on Mondays and Fridays, where they will be covering different topic.

The first Talk was held on Monday on the 18 August 2015 addressing HIV and Aids, from “how you can get infected” taking medication and diet. The audience was a combination of youth and older community members.

The main objective of these Talks is to use this opportunity to position themselves as a support structure for young women in their community. The platform allows them to showcase what RISE Young Women’s Clubs programme is doing for young women in the community.

The Makouspan Clinic are very excited to take on a supportive role during these visits, to have a qualified and professional person to assist with discussions of this nature. The first talk on HIV and AIDS was successful and created conversation; the club is also looking forward to learning more about their bodies with their next topic on Friday being Pap Smears.

In addition the club is mobilising talks to schools in their community, where they will be covering some of the topics they discuss at the clinic. The first school will be Manno Primary School, where grade 6 and 7 girls will get the opportunity to learn about menstrual cycle and hygiene during a cycle. Unity Ladies have been allocated 30mins every Wednesday to discuss topics during Life Orientation class.

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