Rest In Power Prudence Mabele

Soul City Institute is saddened by the passing on of one of our partners on the Global Fund Grant, Prudence Mabele, who was the Director of the Positive Women's Network (PWN). Soul City Institute would like to pass our sincere condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of the late Prudence Mabele.

PWN was responsible for implementing part of a comprehensive package of HIV prevention for young women and girls. Having being infected at 18, Prudence understood the social and structural issues that put young women at risk and was passionate about fighting Gender inequality. Prudence's contribution to the work of Soul City Institute started in 1999 and continued to be a consultant on several productions and publications over the years.

We appreciated her insights and dedication to the struggle of women and people living with HIV. She fought tirelessly and advocated for those who could not speak for themselves. Her soldiering spirit will be missed. 

May her soul rest in revolutionary power.

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