QwaQwa Rise: World Aids Day Event

Mehaladitwe and Unlimited Rise Clubs (QwaQwa) were planning to work together in order to organise a World Aids day as well as 16 Days of Activism campaign on 01 December 2015 in QwaQwa. They invited the local clinic to give presentations to the public about HIV/AIDS and SAPS to educate the participants about the types of domestic violence that are occurring in their community.

They were however forced to make use of a Plan B after being informed that the  Mayor (Mr Vusi Tshabalala) already arranged for a big World Aids Day event to take place at Charles Mopedi Stadium at Sebokeng, QwaQwa on the 01 of December 2015 and the programme for the day was already set.

Instead of quitting, these two clubs took the initiative to arrange for permission to have Rise information stalls on HIV/Aids and Gender based violence at the entrance gate of Charles Mopedi Stadium.

The Rise and DoH stalls were received well by the public attending the Aids Day Project inside the stadium. The Rise members encouraged community members and by passers to get tested at the mobile clinic they have arranged  to stand outside the stadium. Their stalls and one-to-one #Stop Violence Campaign received a lot of support from the local ANC Youth League.

By passers and people entering the stadium were asked to take some sort of community action by signing their petition  for “#Stop  violence against women and children: Campaigning For “When I see something that is not Okay, I will Say “Its #Not Okay.

They also handed out: When I see something that is not Okay, I will Say “Its #Not Okay Rise stickers to the people entering the stadium.

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