Peer pressure and young women

An event was organised by Sisters of Strength Rise Young Women's Club from Dimbaza near King Williams Town on Friday, 25th September 2015. The event was aimed at highlighting peer pressure as an issue young women face. The club invited all high schools around the area and youth around.

They had 3 guest speakers

  • Miss Ntsephe the facilitator of Nobuntu Soul Buddyz
  • Mr Melikhaya the founder of the youth group here in Dimbaza called never give up
  • Dr Mlamla where they talked to young people about life challenges and how they overcame them.

Members from the club provided entertainment through relevant poetry and songs. At the end of the event the club opened a discussion session where they gave 5 people a platform to share their experience on peer pressure.

Over a 100 young people attended the event. Buffalo City Municipality sponsored catering for the event.

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