Partners in HIV and Health meet in Johannesburg to refine capacity building interventions

A high level HIV& AIDS Capacity Building Partners Summit was held in Johannesburg from 19th-21st March this month. The 2013 summit is designed to contribute to good practice within the HIV and health service delivery in the ESA region.

Set up by organisations working in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) region the Summit attracted more than 300 participants from within the region. These organisations range from NGOs working in the area of HIV and health services delivery, funding partners of capacity building activities, the Republic of South Africa government and other African Government agencies, capacity building and training institutions, academia and private sector organisations as well as UNAIDS and other United Nations agencies.

Soul City presented the Soul City Regional programme which has a history of social and behaviour change capacity building with local, indigenous NGOs. Soul City and partners also ran a skills building session on the research and development process and methodology for edutainment.

Soul City’s regional programme aims to reduce HIV (and TB) infection and related morbidity, especially among women, children and other vulnerable groups in Southern Africa, by facilitating social and behaviour change and to strengthen the social and behaviour change sector capacity to respond to HIV, broader sexual and reproductive health and other related areas of health.

Click here to access Channel Africa interview audio with Soul City.

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