Our Limpopo office partners with Shingwedzi TVET College to promote SRHR services

Our Soul City Limpopo office has partnered with Shingwedzi TVET College for the Quarterly " First Thing First Campaign (HIV TESTING SERVICE)" on the 25th of August 2021, with the goal of increasing awareness of the importance of getting tested for HIV among college students in the province.

Soul City and the College established a collaboration in this manner with the purpose of promoting sexual reproductive health rights services on the college's campus.

Student mobilization to visit the testing station, as well as information, education, and communication, which included condom demonstrations and distribution carried out by social mobilizers, were among the responsibilities of Soul City Institute during the event.

Among other things, the partnership will facilitate the establishment of youth care clubs, which will be facilitated by Soul City Social Mobilisers in collaboration with Campus Peer Educators.

Soul City Programmes will play a significant role in strengthening the Peer Education Programs in the College and increasing the accessibility of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights services on the campus, with the Department of Health serving as the funding source for Soul City Institute, which will market health services, a youth zone, and adolescent youth friendly services on the campus.

For more information about the office contact
July Ndima, julyn@soulcity.org.za

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