NorthWest Rise Clubs implementing their Action Plan

On the 10th October 2015, Inolofatseng Young Women’s Club, a new club in Brooksby, North West, hosted its first event, which was also their implementation for their Action Plan for their community. The occasion held on a Saturday, was tackling the issue of Teenage Pregnancy among their youth in the community.

Rise Young Women’s Club Programme was introduced to the community by the North West Provincial Coordinator, Refentse Moeketsi, and welcomed and celebrated by Chief Madikiza of Brooksby Village.

Among the invited guests, the Mooifontein Police Station’s representative, Mr. Wessi, addressed the young people that were invited to the event. The representative spoke of the link between alcohol and drug use with the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the Brooksby Community. The young people were enlightened on the dangers of intergenerational dating and transactional sex that they may find themselves engaging in due to alcohol and drugs, which in turn may result in the teenage pregnancy challenge that is facing their community.

The club was born from 4 young ladies watching the RISE Talk Show, who recruited 16 other young women to introduce the programme to their community. The young women and the community are all excited about the changes that the programme will bring to their community and the Mooifontein Police Station has offered their assistance with anything that Inolofatseng Young Women’s Club may need to mobilise the programme.

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