New initiative launched in Cape Town: KWANELE! Communities Ensuring Safe Learning Environments for Girls

The Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communication (SCI) in partnership with Grassroot Soccer South Africa (GRS), and supported by Comic Relief, proudly launched the KWANELE! Project in Khayelitsha on 31st July 2015 as part of the Sexual Violence in Schools in South Africa (SeVissa) initiative.

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence and sexual violence in South Africa, with statistics reaching alarming proportions. Through SeVissa, Soul City and Grass Roots Soccer and relevant stakeholders are working to prevent gender-based violence and sexual violence in schools through appropriate and innovative channels, including edutainment and sport.

KWANELE! is an intervention aimed at improving access, retention and attainment of girls in schools through creating a safer school environment. The five-year programme empowers girls and strengthens the capacity of schools and communities at identifying and dealing with violence against girls.

Dialogues were conducted in the morning and thereafter a jamboree of community health and social services featuring HIV awareness activities, women’s health, voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing provided by the TB/HIV Care Association, and social services from Departments of Health, Home Affairs, Education, Social Development and SAPS. About 900 people attended the event.

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