Mthatha Rise Young Women's Clubs World Aids Day activity

A total of 23 clubs from in and around Mthatha, Eastern Cape met on Saturday the 21 November 2015 in Ngangelizwe at the Rotary Hall to commemorate World AIDS day.

The event was to remind young Women that HIV is there and it exist. They had initially planned to have a mini soccer tournament followed by a community march and the distribution of pamphlets (including condoms) but they couldn’t due to rain. Different stakeholders were invited to share information and those living with HIV were invited to share their experiences.

The young women were encouraged to always be cautious of where they come from and the difficulties their parents go through to ensure that they get proper education as this will keep them grounded. A total of 300 young girls from Clubs attended the event with +/- 100 community people and stakeholders.

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