Miss Rise event at Hammanskraal on Saturday 7th November 2015

The event was held to encourage the Rise members to be confident and to raise awareness in the community about the Rise programme. Through this event they also wanted other girls who are not participating in Rise to join the clubs in the area. Currently there are 8 clubs in Hammanskraal.

Three mentors were responsible for the coordination of the whole event. 10 girls, ages 15 – 19, from the different clubs participated. Phila Mazibuko, popular actor from the Soul City drama series was the MC for the day. Nelisiwe Hlope, Soul City Gauteng Provincial Manager, and two community members were the judges. Community members as well as parents of some of the girls attended the event – about 300 people were present.

The first outfit worn by the girls was their Rise t-shirts and jeans, second outfit was traditional attire showcasing the different cultures and the third outfit was a formal ball gown.

The contestants had to answer questions from judges that were related to the Rise programme e.g. what topics are covered by Rise cubs, how clubs function and what does Rise stand for; what is the meaning of contraception and transactional sex.

The winners were chosen based on how well they answered the questions as well as looking at their confidence when showcasing their outfits. The clubs also used the event to fundraise and snacks and cool drinks were on sale. They will use the money raised from the event to paint and renovate a nearby community hall that they will use as their meeting venue. The local councillor has given them permission to use it for Rise meetings and activities.

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