Elliotsdale: Back To School Campaign

The Gqubhuzeni Young Women's Club, Young Girls Club and Yakhanani Young Women's Club came together on the 22 January 2016 to host a Back To School and Career Guidance event. The aim of the event was to encourage young women of Elliotdale to set goals for themselves and prepare themselves for the year.
The clubs realised that there are challenges in the community. There is a high drop-out rate due to the high teenage pregnancy rate, drug abuse and lack of information. The clubs decided to this event to motivate students, to do career guidance, and also explain to girls that when you fall pregnant it is not the end of hope, you can go far. During the event there were performances including drama, debate and poems to show the importance of school and education. The clubs hope that this event will raise the rate of attendance in schools and encourage are around in our communities.

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