Eastern Cape Rise Young Women’s Club a proud winner in an NYDA Youth Grant Competition

In June 2015, Rise Clubs from the Eastern Cape were encouraged to enter an NYDA Youth Grant Competition.

One of the clubs took up this challenge and applied for the grant. The name of the club is Sisters of Strength from Dimbaza near King Williams Town. The chairperson is an ex-Soul Buddy and very passionate about Soul City programmes.

On 7th October 2015 we were informed they are one of the winners for the competition. As Soul City: Institute we are very proud of this club and would like to congratulate the team. The application required a lot of skill including budgeting and despite all of this the club was not put off.

So what was this competition all about?

The competition will assist in achieving the objective as young people are motivated to become pioneers of changing their communities through service. The Competition will target hundred (100) young people or youth organizations in all nine (9) provinces. The winners of the competition are expected to be represented in all provinces with a bias to rural areas. The winners of the competition will be expected to impact on one hundred (100) young people’s lives through their initiative or idea in their community giving us a total number of 10 000 young people reached through the competition. All applicants will be measured against a set criteria in order to determine the ultimate winning youth organizations or young people.

The NYDA Youth Service Grants Competition will this see 100 young volunteers winning R10 000 in funding to be used for their initiatives.

Proposed intervention areas

  • Fighting against poverty
  • Fighting HIV and AIDS
  • Fighting alcohol and drug abuse

The following criteria will be used by the committee to assess applications and award 100 young people or organisations with R10 000 in grant funding:

  • Proposal relevant to any of the three (3) targeted health and wellbeing areas completed as per the NYDA entry form
  • Clear action plan with sustainability plan of the project that should be implemented over a minimum period of a week and more.
  • Clear budget breakdown and fundraising plan
  • Outreach/ recruitment plan for the 50 young people that the project will impact on.
  • Each proposal will be evaluated on one (1) of the identified health and wellbeing related areas of intervention as the main focus of the project
  • Organisations or young people submitting a proposal inclusive of all the intervention areas will be disqualified.

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