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With the clinic having burned down due to faulty electricity connections, the community must spring into action to ensure there isn’t a complete breakdown in the health infrastructure.

The local boxing centre comes to the community’s aid by providing temporary space. Councillor Maponya must contend with the frustrations of the local community around the many promises he’s made and which haven’t materialised.

Tensions surface in Sis Noni’s family as a result of her husband’s obsession with the eldest son, Mandla’s, boxing success. The youngest son, Samukhelo, the local hero following the clinic fire feels the hurt from his father’s lack of recognition for his bravery.

Even though the clinic is now temporarily housed in Smokey Joe’s Boxing Gym, Sis Noni must still ensure that her patients can get their treatment and chronic medication on time. She also has to check in on the expectant mothers who need the clinic services. Proud parents-to-be Musa and Jimmy make sure they won’t be caught napping. With only three weeks to go to before the baby comes, Musa’s delivery bag is already packed and ready.

A delivery bag is an overnight bag with basic essentials that an expectant mother takes with her to hospital when she is ready to give birth. It should be prepared well in advance so that in an emergency everything is ready. Basic essentials that can be included in a delivery bag: a nighty, a gown, slippers, change of underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste. Preparing and ensuring the delivery is bag is ready, is another way in which Jimmy has been supportive of Musa during her pregnancy.


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