Covid-19: Cele calls for swift action on ‘lockdown-related’ GBV

Non-profit organisation Soul City Institute For Social Justice implored the Minister of Police, Beki Cele to act swiftly on perpetrators of gender based violence as is being done to transgressors of the lockdown regulations.

In a statement, the organisation’s chief executive officer, Phinah Kodisang said about 87 000 cases of gender-based violence were reported countrywide to the police in the first week of the 21-day national lockdown. This in a period in which more than 1 500 people were reported to be infected with the coronavirus and nine had died from the disease.

“Recognising the urgency of flattening the curve, we support and urge citizens to comply with the necessary measures of the lockdown,” read the statement. It added that the reported cases of gender-based violence demonstrated that women and girls were at a higher risk of human rights violations during this period. “The violations also undermine their [women’s] dignity in a country faced with a significant challenge in public health.”

The statement said urgent police action against the perpetrators of the violence would reduce the victims’ pain which is compounded when they are locked up indoors with those they fear the most and from the virus-related trauma. “The action should occur concurrently with the provision of psycho social services to them.”

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