Clinic Committee Training

Clinic Committee Training is a programme that Soul City runs with the Department of Health and is funded by the European Union. The aim basically is to help foster a good relationship between clinics (primary health care facilities) and the local communities that they serve in order to improve service delivery of clinics and community trust on the clinics.

This is done by creating Clinic Committees (CC) - it is a voluntary group of local community members who participate and address everyday challenges that may exist in their local clinic and they do this by attending meetings and being present at the clinics but the CCs are “in the middle” in a sense that they not only highlight/represent the concerns that the communities have regarding clinic service delivery but they also highlight to the communities the constraints that the clinic itself might be having.

Clinic Committees have a right by law to exist and perform their duties and they have existed all along except they have been found to be largely ineffective and this has been attributed to the lack of knowledge on CC on what their duties, powers and responsibilities entail hence this training is being undertaken to address that challenge specifically.

The pictures here are for a clinic committee training that took place on 3rd and 4th November at the Savoy Hotel in Kimberley. Representatives from various clinics from that province were in attendance.

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