Boys to Men: Something has to change Soul City supports call for #JusticeforKwasa

Boys to Men: Something has to change Soul City supports call for #JusticeforKwasa

The Soul City Institute for Social Justice (SCI) extends its condolences to the family of Asithandile ‘Kwasa’ Zozo, the 20-year-old Wits University student who was stabbed to death on Monday 17th August 2020 in Dutywa, Eastern Cape.
Boys to Men: Something has to change Soul City supports call for #JusticeforKwasa

The SCI also extends its condolences to the families of the nameless women raped, murdered and abused in the days since her murder. As an intersectional feminist institute working with girls and women, the SCI’s work is informed by a respect for the rule of law and is heartened that a suspect is in custody.

Our feminist work is rooted in addressing the systemic oppression and injustices faced by women and girls. Male attitudes to women and girls, rooted in patriarchal notions of ownership, control, violence and intimidation, must shift if South African women are ever to achieve the promise of liberation contained in our Constitution.

120220-3.jpgKwasa Zozo, like so many other women, was allegedly murdered by a man she knew.

As an institute dedicated to social and behaviour change, SCI’s research on intimate partner violence has consistently revealed deeply-held beliefs of women as objects and property of men, of male entitlements to women’s bodies, of rejection as justification for rape and murder and that buying a woman a drink is seen as entitling men to sex.
Fundamentally, the SCI believes that dismantling patriarchy is a necessary pre-requisite for the country to achieve the aspirations of our constitutional democracy.

As a feminist institute we recognise patriarchy - and the belief that women are fundamentally unequal - as a system that must be dismantled if we are to stem the inexorable and tragic toll of femicide in South Africa. The SCI believes that men can, and must be allies in dismantling patriarchy. That men and boys can and must unlearn harmful ideas and practices that are driving intimate partner violence.


Furthermore, the SCI calls on all South Africans to heed the call for urgent social and behaviour change regarding gender-based violence and femicide. And to urgently begin to address the deeply-rooted social norms and beliefs that enable and legitimate intimate partner violence.

Men and boys can and must begin to engage on patriarchy and its pernicious impact on masculinity and its detrimental impacts on women and girls. Social and behaviour change and shifting norms and beliefs about gender-based violence are more critical than ever.

The SCI joins the calls for justice for Kwasa.

And for all the women and girls who have lost their lives at the hands of intimate partners. Their lives should not be in vain. Their humanity should not get lost in the deluge of horrifying statistics of femicide and GBV. South African women demand justice, not favours. The justice system is a critical player in the fight against GBV. Justice is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

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