Aids and Gender Based Violence Campaign: Ramotlajwe community in Bojanala West

The Community of Ramotlajwe, Bojanala West District, were invited to a Aids and Gender Based Violence Campaign by 7 Rise Young Women’s Clubs; Infinity, Untouchable, Kopano, Queen Sling Bling, Bosa Bo Sele, Olefile and Pitsedisulejang Young Women’s Club.

The event held on Saturday, 12 December 2015, was aimed at imparting knowledge from local stakeholders to the community. The local Home Based Care Workers addressed the community on the prevention of HIV from mother to child, the local municipality spoke about breaking the silence on Gender Based Violence and Child Abuse, also touching on how to report these incidents or cases. The community Policing Forum further elaborated on reporting of GBV and Child abuse and the importance, thereof.

The Key Note Speaker for the event was the chief of the community, Kgosi Motlhajwe, who urged the community to support RISE YOUNG WOMEN’S CLUBS and encouraged the young women of the community who are not involved, to join RISE.

Ramotlajwe Community Hall was filled with more than 300 people who were willing to take a stand and be a part of the movement to mobilise a violent free community.

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