Achievers Take Action event - King Williams Town

The (ATA) Achievers Take Action event hosted by Soul City Institute (SCI) for the Humble Helpers Club, held on the 3 of March at West Bank Senior Secondary School in King Williams Town, was indeed a great success. The aim of this event was to encourage young girls to be aware of the fact if one wants to achieve any goal they have set for themselves, the only way to achieve that goal is by taking action.

Our guest speaker, radio personality from Link FM addressed the rather very excited crowd looking at the handsome and smartly dressed young man standing in front of them. The audience from grade 10, 11 and 12 who were asked to be part of the event by the school's deputy Mr Biko, listened attentively to speaker the 20 year old Daluxolo Jalmen. His speech was about "Getting Ahead Is Getting Started," motivating the girls to pursue their dreams now, by doing research about the industry they want to get into and finding mentors. Jalmeni emphasised that, taking action to become an achiever was key, taking into consideration that this was coming from a young person who has been doing such himself and started working at Nestlé Ice Cream since the age of 12.

Vuyokazi Mti also closed off by giving them practical examples of staying motivated and encouraged the girls to create a dream chart out of it putting pictures of all that they want to achieve and dream of. In order to stay HIV free one would have to take a conscious decision and take action by not partaking in risky behaviour which would in turn have negative consequences of being infected with these infections.

During the second session, the members had a chance to converse with members of the club and they got to interact with Vuyo and the guest speaker Jalmeni over finger lunch inside of a beautifully set classroom, where they also got to take home with them gift bags and took pictures with them. The club would like to thank the school staff for being so accommodative while we were setting up for the event, for allowing us time to address some of the girls who are not part of the club. The teachers in charge of the club Ms Madwesi and Ms Nonkuthala; the school's principal Mr Hill and Deputy Mr Biko and the cooperative chairperson Nomfezeko Ntentile and Secretary Nomthetho Qinga for the event.

A word of thanks to the following:

  • the qualified chef Tembakazi Mngomezulu of the Mustard Seed Kitchen Culinary business, for sponsoring a platter and cupcakes for the event for free.
  • Daluxolo Jalmeni for taking off his time to positively impact a life with a practical message.
  • And all the other speakers and all those who made the event a success.

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