A fallen pearl (written by Palesa Nkosi, Witbank) #16DaysOfActivism

The body of a 17-year old girl missing from home since Thursday (6/10/2016) has been discovered. A passer-by found *Pearl Masango’s body on Sunday afternoon in a tall grass field near her house in Extension 14. Friends of Pearl said they left her by the gate of her house on Thursday evening after church.
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After days of searching, her body was found rotten and infested with worms and flies. She had multiple stab wounds across her body. Police confirmed that her body had been in the field for more than 48 hours. Friends close to the deceased said that *Jabu Zulu, 18- who was the long-time boyfriend of *Masango was the last person to see her before her death. In their statements, they swore that *Zulu knew what happened to *Masango as during their service at church he was calling and pestering *Masango to come see him. It is believed that *Masango no longer had interest in being in a relationship with *Zulu. It is alleged that *Zulu then waited for the right moment to grab *Masango from the gate of her house and take her to the field where they had an altercation and *Zulu lost control and stabbed her to death and hiding her in the tall grass.

Parents of the young girl are still in awe “I cannot believe that every morning when I went to work I drove past my daughter’s lifeless body” exclaimed *Masango’s mother.

A memorial service was held at Witbank High School on Friday the 14th of October where *Masango was a grade 11 pupil.

No arrests have been made yet, but *Zulu is wanted for questioning by the police.

*names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals.

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