“It’s not my fault” #16DaysOfActivism

My name is Dingeni Sikhosane and I am 23years old. I live in Mthwalume under Ugu District. I am studying electrical engineering in coastal college.

The person I’m writing about would like to remain anonymous. She is 25yrs old and lives in Mthwalume. She work as a teacher aid in one of the projects in the community. She grew up in the community where she was told she will never make it as a leader because she is a woman.

She feels unsafe around her father and it started when she was growing up, her mother was being physically abused by her father to such an extent that one day her father was sexually abusing her. Because of fear, she had to live with that and kept it to herself her whole life till now😥. Physical violence has affected her in such a way that she doesn't trust any man and she doesn't allow anyone to love her. Every time she see her father she feels unsafe and afraid get her father arrested because she believes that no one in her family will believe that kind of the story about her father.

As she grew up, she started to involve herself in campaigns to fight against women abuse but she still finds it hard to forget how her father has been treating her. She is also afraid to speak out about it. She wishes that one day she could have that power to speak out about it and speak to other women who have the same experiences as hers and fight for what is right and for the abusers to be punished for their wrong doing because she’s living her life with fear, and also feeling unsafe around men because they all are same to her just because of how her father is sexually abusing her.

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