“It wasn’t the first time this happening” #16DaysOfActivism

My name is Nokulunga Ngeleka and I’m 21 years old from KwaNzimakwe under Ugu district, I finished my matric last year and I was a learner at Bheki High School.

I’m currently taking a gap year. When I was young I used to stay with my aunt, lapho wayeya khona I was always with her. My aunt was drinking alcohol and I used to go to the tavern by our place with her. I was always there with her whether in the morning or at night. One day sathi sphuma on that tavern ebusuku sesi goduka siyolala at her house, some guy followed us then we got in the room without noticing that there's someone's following us.

Then we slept without locking the door because my aunt was too drunk to notice that she didn't lock the door. Then we fell asleep and my aunt was snoring, sleeping like a baby and this guy came in and got into bed with us. He started putting his finger in my vagina and he said I mustn't scream or say anything because if I do he will do something bad to me and I kept my mouth shut. Crying softly and he took his pants off and my aunt woke up as he was about to get on top of me. My aunt woke up she asked him "*Dumi wenzan? ingane lena noma ngabe yini ufuna ukyenza kyona yenze kmina" *Dumi waphuma wabaleka.

This wasn't the first time happening but I was scared to tell anyone because *Dumi said if I tell anybody he will kill me.

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