Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We are an intersectional feminist organisation, working to ensure that girls, young women and gender minorities enjoy substantive equality, with access to resources and opportunities that enable them to live fulfilling lives.

“Behaviour change is not linear, nor is it easy. Ending GBVF requires a shift in cultural norms and attitudes toward gender,”
 - Phinah Kodisang, CEO.

The Soul City Institute is guided by the South African Constitution, with a focus on parts such as Section 27 that outline that everyone has the right to have access to healthcare services, including reproductive healthcare. We work tirelessly to make these and other rights such as the right to freedom, dignity and equality a reality for all, particularly for those who find themselves on the margins of oppression. SCI operates according to the principles and values of human rights, using an intersectional approach to ensure that nobody is left behind in the goal of eradicating poverty and ensuring equity for all.



Our Mission

We promote, support and amplify girls, young women and gender minorities’ feminist consciousness, voice, agency and activism.

Our Vision

A just society where girls, young women and gender minorities live with dignity, exercise self-determination, and have the health and well-being to achieve their fullest potential.

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