The year is 1992 in Alexendra Clinic, and the Soul City Institute for Social and Behaviour Change is born. Democracy was on the horizon and 2 young doctors wanted to address the apartheid legacy on mother and child health.

Two years after its establishment, the small team launched the Soul City Series, a campaign consisting of a television and radio drama, as well as print materials in newspapers. The series initially dealt with key mother and child health issues and later included issues such as substance abuse, land & housing and HIV/AIDS in response to the spread of the virus in the country. SCI was hailed as a groundbreaking intervention, following its rapid success.


Upon review of the past 20 years, SCI mapped out an effective and resilient path for its next phase to maintain relevance in the significantly changed context of operation.

On the 11th of August 2016 Soul City Institute relaunched itself as a Social Justice organisation that focuses on young women and girls and the communities they live in.

From this period, SCI’s primary focus has been on young women and girls (aged 10 – 35 years), working to develop and grow them as feminist activists and leaders, committed to strengthening movements and advancing the broader agenda for the rights and wellbeing of young women.


SCI entered its Year of Transformation in 2020 when it radicalised its vision to one that acknowledges that an intersectional approach is essential to achieve gender equity.

The organisation’s logo was redesigned to reflect its priority to support and defend the rights of the most vulnerable in society.

The Institute remains committed to working towards a just and inclusive society for all.

With the theme “Deliberate and Unapologetic About Our Feminist Agenda” SCI is louder and prouder about its mission to create a society where girls, young women and gender minorities are prioritised and empowered.

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