Namibia – Between Friends

Transmission date: Wednesday, 1 October 2008
Language: English

Where do you draw the line?

What if your best friend’s boyfriend makes a move on you? Set in a funky hair salon in Windhoek, a friendship is put to the test. Can a smooth talking playboy with money destroy a friendship and a new business?

Story synopsis

At a small hair salon in the heart of Windhoek, Kiito puts the finishing touches to her client’s braids. She works magic and her skills are attracting more and more clients. But the bills are mounting and she must send money home for her father’s medication. Queenie, her friend and business partner, is confident that things will be okay. Desmond, the owner of the salon says he loves Queenie and told her not to worry. But is smooth-talking Desmond to be trusted? One day Kitten, Namibia’s hottest singing sensation, walks in to the salon to have her hair done. Everything is about to change. Desmond plays a dangerous game and Kiito and Queenie’s friendship will soon be put to the test. 

Writer and director: Vickson Hangula

*Vickson on the training and plans for the future

‘Working with Soul City on the training was incredibly fulfilling for me. All these three years that I’ve been on the project, I’ve enjoyed every minute. I learnt a lot about production and I’ll carry on so that one day I’ll be the greatest at what I do.

Everything that I learnt was really fresh and inspiring to me. Learning from people who have been doing this for years was amazing and I’m so glad I did participate in this training.

I want my production company to grow from strength to strength to do TV series, documentaries and feature films. I want to really go big one day.

It was also exciting to talk to people and share with young upcoming filmmakers and to see there’s hope for the future and African filmmaking.’


Ever since directing his first film, In Difficult Times, under the then NBC’s Namibia Oral Tradition Project’s Young Directors’ Choice in 1997, Vickson has never looked back.

Vickson’s credits include the award-winning film, Kauna’s Way (Winner of the 2000 M-Net All Africa Film Awards in the category, Best Film Shot on Video), the first Golden Pen Winner in Namibia’s Golden Pen Playwrights Award for the controversial satirical hit play, The Show Isn’t Over, Until…

Already a household name in Namibia, Vickson is also the scriptwriter for the feature film adaptation of President Sam Nujoma’s Autobiography, Where Others Waiver and the film Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation. He is currently developing a historical drama set in 1917, based on the life of the last king of Northern Namibia and Southern Angola.

Producer: Leo Phiri

Leo is a freelance filmmaker based in Windhoek, Namibia. He has extensive film and video experience having worked for both regional and international film production companies. He produced season two of Desert Soul, a teen social and health television show commissioned by Desert Soul and produced by Home Brewed Productions.

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